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Hi, I'm Kat Burns

I'm a Creative Alchemist, Energy and Sound Healer. I've taken my traditional background in music and design to bridge the gap between creativity and the spiritual journey. I am here to empower you to rediscover self-love, forge a deep connection with your higher self, and find the clarity and fulfillment needed to unlock your creative expression. I do this with a powerful combination of energy healing tools and personal development practices.

Here are some other things you might want to know about me:

  • Multipotentialite
  • Reiki Master
  • Designer & Producer with more than 15 years experience
  • Musician turned Sound Healer
  • Aries Sun & Moon Scorpio Rising
  • Deeply committed to helping people transform their lives
  • World Traveler
  • Generator 1/3

Check Out What I Do

Explore my current offerings, including 1:1 mentoring sessions, energy healing sessions, downloads and soothing sound bath recordings. I also offer several digital products curated for your spiritual awakening journey. Discover it all in my shop.

Creative Mentoring

If you're looking for a deeper commitment, I mentor creative professionals who are looking to connect deeper with their purpose, and find more fulfillment, self-love and expansion using energy healing tools. If you’re interested in a private mentoring package, I offer a free connection call to see if we’re a right fit.

Client Love

  • Lise | Amsterdam, NL

    Kat really helps keep me on track. She is very good at pointing out where my thinking gets aspirational instead of realistic--I have a tendency to imagine I can get EVERYTHING done, all at the same time. Kat has a great way of helping me see and accept that in the real world, my grand plans need more time and space. And most importantly, that that is OK. Since working with Kat I have made steady, consistent progress towards some very big, life-changing goals. And I've done this with an increasing ability to be nice to myself, to enjoy my day, and to know that the goals I set are goals I will reach.

  • Mariana | Lisbon, PT

    I met Kat in a context of healing quite different from Reiki. I noticed since the beginning that she is a very intuitive person and very objective, things that are not regular to see nowadays. Through Reiki, she just confirmed these two great qualities and I am happy to share that my journey in Reiki has opened a window that I didn't know existed on that level, healing me session by session in different ways. I am grateful.

  • Vic | Lisbon, PT

    I had an amazing Reiki session with Kat! She's a genuine and caring practitioner. Going through a tough time with stress and anxiety, Kat's gentle touch and energy work left me feeling wonderfully calm, light, and relaxed for days. She's attentive, thorough, and knowledgeable, creating a welcoming and supportive space for you before, during, and after the session. Kat is a truly beautiful soul filled with kindness. Highly recommend!

  • Iris | Lisbon, PT

    I loved my reiki session with Kat. I literally felt the blocks in my head getting removed, and it is just what I needed for that specific moment in my life. Kat's work is very rewarding, she is very intuitive, and I recommend her sessions greatly.

  • Lisa | Missouri, USA

    I felt a connection with Kat after our first session. She became my friend, my guide, my cheerleader, etc. I felt completely safe sharing my thoughts and feelings with her. We made so much progress in such a short time. Kat taught me to slow down so I could speed up which was a foreign concept to me as I have spent my whole life in a hurry and a frenzy. I began to feel feelings that I was avoiding. My belief in myself is changing - trust, confidence, boundary setting...

  • Nicole | New York, USA

    Kat was my missing piece! I’ve always liked working on myself but I couldn’t seem to get passed certain road blocks. Kat helped me go to those uncomfortable places I was avoiding in order to break through them. I love that when working with Kat you get the type of support you need, whether it’s tough love or hand holding. I still have some continuous work to do but I feel much lighter after working with Kat and I would recommend her to anyone who’s on their journey to maximum potential!

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